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“The success of The Prestressed Group has been built on exceeding customers’ expectations of what defines quality.  It is not only a perfectly designed and manufactured component, but also the value-added services we offer, such as exceptional customer service, meeting your fast track schedules and constantly striving for innovative ways to meet your needs.  Without you, we would not exist and that is something we take seriously.”


Sincerely, Loris Collavino, C.E.O.



New to prestressing/precasting?



ß Prestressed concrete: concrete compressed with highly-stressed steel strand for added strength



Precast concrete:

concrete formed at a factory then delivered to the site for installation à



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The Precast Advantage...Experience it!

    "We chose precast/prestressed hollowcore floor and roof systems due to the speed of installation and immediate availability of working platforms for our crews to build from.  This product, provided by PSI, allowed us to easily incorporate precast into our I.C.F. wall system design.  We were able to maintain the fast-track schedule needed to get this building constructed on time and within budget." - Steve Silva, Jamesway Construction

  1. Short, fast construction times - all weather conditions

  2. Cost effective

  3. Controlled production environment - just-in-time manufacturing

  4. No on-site congestion

  5. Strength/density

  6. Flexibility/versatility

  7. Long lasting

  8. Fire and corrosion resistant


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