Past, Present, Future

In 1975, Rigo Collavino co-founded Prestressed Systems Inc. (PSI) in Windsor, Ontario.

The company’s initial focus was on the manufacture and installation of hollowcore floor and roof slabs for the Ontario and Michigan (sold under Hollowcore Inc.) construction markets.

International Precast Solutions, LLC (IPS) was formed in June 2008 when PSI, through its U.S. Holding company, purchased the operating assets of an existing precast operation in River Rouge, Michigan. The formation of IPS provided PSI with the capacity and ability to produce architectural precast components. It also gave PSI additional structural precast production capacity and a major manufacturing plant located on the U.S. side of the border. The two companies can now bid complete precast structures by combining products and cross-marketing each other’s products.

Over the years a strong and dedicated management team, with a combined average 25 years of precast experience, has been instrumental in growing these two companies, into a full-service structural & architectural precast operation known as The Prestressed Group.


Now with a workforce of over three hundred employees and projects ranging from Quebec to Kentucky, and Ontario to New York, The Prestressed Group is a proven national leader in the manufacture of prestressed/precast concrete solutions. The management team, along with an experienced workforce, strive to exceed customer expectations on all projects.

Ongoing investments in both facilities continue to position The Prestressed Group to be a market leader well into the future.



Both manufacturing plants are certified by the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute and the Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute. The Prestressed Group is subject to four annual quality audits by independent auditors to maintain its PCI and CPCI certification. Not only are we responsible for meeting industry quality standards – our goal is to exceed them. Our quality control department employs certified PCI and ACI technicians to ensure consistent, quality pieces we are proud to stand behind.


Member of AltusGroup. International Precast Solutions in River Rouge, Michigan is an AltusGroup Precast Producer. Twenty-two members who are leading concrete manufacturers combine resources to develop, manufacture and market innovations for new concrete products. Their breakthrough C-GRID® carbon fiber grid reinforced CarbonCast® enclosure systems are ideal for precast walls. C-GRID® thinner precast panels and can reduce the weight by up to 50% while offering significantly improved insulation value and durability.


Helping to make a better tomorrow. The Prestressed Group has implemented a number of sustainable initiatives. Both facilities recycle plant process water and incorporates supplementary cementitious materials into our concrete mixes. Recycled glass is used rather than sand for abrasive blasting of architectural panels. Other initiatives adopted by The Prestressed Group include recycling paper, cardboard, containers, batteries, electronics and motor oil, as well as an increased reliance on electronic documentation to avoid unnecessary printing/plotting. Through energy-use audits, The Prestressed Group has implemented a steam-curing enclosure system and installed energy-efficient, motion-sensor activated lighting.


Doing our part. The Prestressed Group and their employees donate to various local charities throughout the year. Charities include the Windsor Downtown Mission and local foods banks along with other causes that on occasion will make urgent appeals. Each holiday season, both plants sponsor local families and underprivileged students so they can also have an enjoyable Christmas. Employees often find innovative ways to raise funds, some which include a Biggest Loser Challenge, 50/50 and raffle draws at corporate lunches as well as various individual initiatives which the company and employees generously donate to throughout the year.

The company also supports breakfast and snack programs in both Windsor and River Rouge at a local elementary school. In Windsor, the program includes employee setup, serving and clean-up of a hearty breakfast, providing these young students an essential start to the day mixed with positive encouragement.


Pursuant to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, we have developed an Ontario Accessibility Customer Service Policy. If you would like a copy of the policy, one can be made available upon request. We welcome comments, questions and suggestions you may have about the provision of our goods and services to people with disabilities in Ontario.


The Prestressed Group is committed to conducting its operations in a manner that responsibly protects human health, safety and the environment for its employees, guests and communities where plants are located or where product is being installed. See attached documentation below for further information.

TPG Safety Policy Statement
TPG Environmental Policy Statement
PSI Safety Management Project sites 2018
IPS OHSE Manual 2015


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Prestressed Concrete

Prestressed concrete is compressed with highly-stressed steel strand for added strength

Prcast Concrete

Prestressed concrete is compressed with highly-stressed steel strand for added strength

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Hoisting precast seating in place at Detroit Events Center

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